Rules and Scores

In the options you can choose how strong your opponent frog will be. You can choose between easy, medium and hard. Furthermore, you can turn bird attacks on or off (always, sometimes, never).

One game lasts four minutes. The game starts as soon as you begin to move one of the two frogs waiting at the water lily pads. You will control the frog you move first. As soon as you have moved your frog the computer takes control of your rival frog.

When you start wait for the right moment when an insect with a high score flies over your head. Then you might get a good start into the game.

Scores for the insects:

regular fly Regular Fly (Flies at daytime and is rather stupid) 5 Points

mosquito Mosquito (Only appears as soon as it is getting dark!) 5 Points

hoverfly Hover Fly (It's not a bee, it's a hover fly! It can stand still in the air) 15 Points

butterfly Butterfly (Moves up and down and is not really easy to catch) 20 Points

dragonfly Dragonfly (Intelligent; Might change direction during flight) 25 Points

glowworm Glowworm/Firefly (Can only be seen on warm, dark summer nights) 10 Points

The bird:

bird attack Depending on your setting in the options menu the bird will appear on the background sky from time to time. At first he flies from left to right or right to left in a very far distance. Afterwards he will attack from this direction. Get away as quickly as you can. Jump into the water or to a safe position on the water lily pads.

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